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You May Hit and miss but the lov

of the game will always stay the

You May Hit and miss but the lov of the game will always stay the

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Leicester Girls Softball 2023 Season

We are a community of family and friends joining together to honor our Girls.
In today’s society, recreational programs are sadly becoming obsolete.  We want our program to remind you what it was like for us in these leagues as we were growing up....  That being part of a Recreational League is an honor and experience that parents and children can enjoy together.

Our program is proud to highlight ANYONE CAN BE AN ATHLETE. We can’t guarantee that every child will become a superstar, but we can work together to create a path for those players who will move forward in our sport, but also for those players who just love to kick back and be on the field as part of a team. 

Our leagues vision is to empower girls of ALL playing abilities, while helping them learn how to play and how to tolerate… to teach them the value of commitment, sportsmanship and mutual respect for one another.  Most importantly our program allows our children to simply enjoy a sport they love playing, and you should love watching.

Inside this fence, no matter how intense the competition gets,  we should leave those feelings behind once we are on the other side of this fence.. The greatest thing about our league, is together we get to watch these girls grow up together.   With new teams every year, opponents from last year become teammates this year and vice versa.  So as each year’s season begins, we must teach our girls, to remember that teammates and opponents are also neighbors and friends.  

Softball Clinic #2 with Holy Cross

Registration closes on 10/06/2023 at 06:00 PM
Season Dates: 10/07/2023 to 10/07/2023


Leicester Girls Softball League
Leicester Girls Softball, PO Box 372
Leicester, Massachusetts 01524

Email: [email protected]
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