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You May Hit and miss but the love of the game will always stay the same

You May Hit and miss but the love of the game will always stay the same

🌟 Historic Launch: Massachusetts' First American Legion Softball Team! 🌟

We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Leicester Girls Softball and Cherry Valley Post 443 American Legion Family, marking the debut of the first American Legion Softball team in Massachusetts. This pioneering initiative is aimed at young female athletes in grades 8-12, offering an unparalleled softball experience in the heart of Central Mass.

🥎 Introducing American Legion Softball

Our mission is clear: to bring a new level of competitive softball to girls aged 13-19. Scheduled to light up the fields from the end of June through July, our program promises around ten exhilarating games, providing a premium post-school season opportunity for players looking to elevate their game.

🚀 The Legion Softball Advantage

  • Elevated Play: This program is ideal for players looking for an advanced level of competition or a harmonious addition to their busy softball schedules.
  • Weekday Games: To accommodate athletes involved in travel teams, our games are thoughtfully scheduled on weekdays, ensuring no conflicts with weekend tournaments.
  • Fair Competition: With a rule limiting the number of players from the same travel team, we guarantee a level playing field and competitive integrity.

💡 A Call to Action: Why Your Town Should Field a Legion Team

The launch of Massachusetts' inaugural American Legion Softball team is a call to communities throughout Central Mass to rally together. This is more than starting a team; it's about sparking a movement and we're eager for more towns to join us!

  • Community Building: Establishing a Legion team can significantly enhance community cohesion, offering a new focal point for local sports enthusiasts.
  • Sporting Excellence: It represents a chance to provide young athletes with a stage to showcase their skills, fostering both personal and athletic development.
  • Trailblazing Opportunity: By joining us in this initial season, you're not just forming a team; you're setting a precedent, creating unforgettable experiences, and promoting competitive sportsmanship.

🌠 Together, We Can Make a Difference

This initiative is about much more than just softball. It's a movement towards building stronger communities, supporting youth development, and celebrating our collective passion for the sport. By participating in the American Legion Softball program, you're helping to lay the foundation for a supportive, vibrant softball community.

🥎💪 Step up to the plate. Launch your American Legion Softball team now and be a part of making this pioneering season a resounding success!


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